British animation: The Channel 4 factor

British animation: The Channel 4 factor was published on 19th November 2008 and is now available to order at a reduced price of £14 including UK delivery.

British animation: The Channel 4 factor

For much of the 1990s Britain regularly walked off with the world’s major animation awards, including the Oscar, Cartoon d’Or and top festival prizes. Most of the winning films were commissioned by television channels – and most of these by Channel 4.

Set up in 1981, Channel 4 was state-regulated but funded by advertising, and operated with a remit to foster innovation. The battles between art and commerce raged from day one. Kitson was on the battlefield. She offers a lively picture of animation’s fluctuating fortunes within the Channel and, in microcosm, of all arts programming in a commercial world.

The book also celebrates thirty landmarks of British animation and the artists who made them. Detailed film portraits offer insights – personal, technical and historical – into the genesis, production and ultimate impact of a whole range of works, from The Snowman to the 2007 Oscar®-winner, Peter and the Wolf. Between them come more Oscar®-winners, popular series, well-known Aardman films, avant-garde works from the likes of Jan Švankmajer and the Quay brothers – and a host more.

A joy for lovers of animation and food for thought for students of the media.

Written by Clare Kitson.

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